What do we do?

At TGI we offer no less than first class service in everything we do!

Repair Specialists

Great service should not meanĀ a great expense!

Whether you have a problem or just want the system checked out before a critical time of year, we can provide onsite or drop in service to suit your needs.

At TGI we pride ourselves with first class service in all aspects of our business, and offer a no fix no fee guarantee for all computer repairs.

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Is your data backed up?

One *click* and all your documents or business records are gone.

Backups are the single most under utilised aspect of computer systems.

TGI can provide DIY backup kits or have one of our specialists come to you to give your data the protection it needs.

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Professional Websites

Can your customers find you when they go searching on the web?

Talk to us today about setting up or updating your businesses website!

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Making the leap to a new PC?

What a task! So many unknowns to think of before buying.

Fill out our New PC survey and let one of our specialists get back to you with a no obligation quote for your new system or components.

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Is your system protected?

Take our free system survey to make sure you have the best protection for your system.

Not only will we tell you if there’s more you could do, but we’ll even tell you how to do it!

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