Backups are the single most under utilised part of a computer system, your computer will still run, your business will go on, that assignment for school or uni will still save and let you send it in, but what would happen if something went wrong?

Backups have become increasingly popular, but still not as common as they should be, mainly because the process is either complicated or time consuming.

At TGI, we offer off the shelf backup solutions in DIY format, or can despatch one of our specialists to configure the backup and train you in maintaining a regular schedule.

Why? Simply: Peace of mind.

I have recently been in a business where an employee accidentally clicked on a link which contained malicious code.  The business was protected with industry level Antivirus and Malware protection, but as this was a day zero attack (not even the Antivirus companies were prepared) all documents, photos and other common files on the persons laptop, as well as all network drives was lost.

This business also had protected backups in operation on both the laptop and the file servers, so while the effects were massive, they were very short lived.

The virus was removed and the files restored, all thanks to the backup.

How does it work?

At TGI we offer two main types of backups – online or offline.

Simply put a backup is a copy of your critical files in a location other than your computer, such as a removable hard drive or a remote server.

In any case, we recommend at minimum a rotating backup of at least two generations, ideally three. So for example, if you backup every day to removable disks, you’d use the below format with three disks:

  • Monday = Disk 1
  • Tuesday = Disk 2
  • Wednesday = Disk 3
  • Thursday = Disk 1
  • Friday = Disk 2
  • Saturday = Disk 3
  • Sunday = Disk 1
  • Monday = Disk 2
  • and so on…

This ensures that if you have a significant failure, or accidentally overwrite a file then it’s recoverable with minimal effort.

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