Whether you have a problem or just want a check up before a busy time of year, our computer repair specialists will take care of you.  We can also perform Data Recovery if you’ve lost something important.  We are trained in all environments including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Some typical problems we come across include:

Computer Running Slow

If your computer is running slow there’s probably a good reason for it.  It could be software or hardware related, and in some cases can be solved with a simple clean up.

If you’re running Windows, before you call anyone out, try these simple steps to speed your system up:

    1. Reboot your computer to ensure no updates are pending in Windows
    2. Perform a Disk Cleanup
    3. Perform a Defrag (using Disk Defragmenter) – note, a defrag can sometimes take hours depending on how fragmented your drive is – it’s best to perform this over night /in a period where your PC can be left unused for a few hours.
    4. Reboot your computer again and see if the speed has improved
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Viruses and Malware

The bane of any computer use – programs that exist just to annoy.  Once you have one in your system it can be troublesome to remove, and with advances in the Malware front sometimes

removal can’t undo the damage that has been done.

When it comes to any malicious software, prevention is better than cure, so if you haven’t had an issue you should check out our System Assessment to make sure you’re well protected.

If you have a bug in your system, one of our specialists can get you back up and running in no time – submit a support request or contact us today.

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Deleted or Lost Files

Have you deleted something you didn’t mean to, or wiped that removable hard drive by mistake?  Don’t fret – it’s rarely gone forever, but the next few steps need to be followed immediately to prevent permanent loss:

  1. Do not use the computer or device any further – even leaving it turned on can overwrite data that is needed to recover your important files
    • If its an external drive, remove it from your computer immediately
    • If it’s an internal drive or file, you should shut your computer down to prevent any further potential loss
  2. Contact TGI to arrange a data recovery specialist to recover your files
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Computers are like cars, we use them every day, we expect them to run efficiently, but unlike cars, they are rarely serviced.

Whether you want a general service of your machine, or would like a specific upgrade, such as extra RAM, Storage or a newer Operating System, TGI can get your system upgraded and back up and running in no time.

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Onsite – we come to you
Onsite service is charged at $120 for the first hour and $45 per half hour there after.
Our specialist will advise you if the fault is likely to take longer than one hour before any additional charges are incurred.

Drop in/Pick Up
We have several drop off locations available depending on your location, or if we have a Specialist in your area we can even pick it up from you
Drop In repairs are charged at flat rate of $99 for labour for any repairs which may need to be done on your current system.  If parts are required or if the Operating System needs to be reloaded, we will provide a quotation for the works before charges are incurred.

Contact us to find your nearest drop off point

Contact us or fill in the request an upgrade form to get a quote or advice on any upgrades